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New 3d Printer, New 3d Prints!

I was lucky to get a new 3d printer for Xmas! It's a Creatlity Ender 3.

I had asked for this when I saw the Ender 3 was on sale on Black Friday. I wasn't planning on putting it together on Xmas (3 meals to cook and Legos to build), but my wife encouraged me and I'm glad she did. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to put together. That included looking at an assembly video by Fat Dragon Games on YouTube and doing basic calibration.

My previous printer took 2 nights (6 hours?) to assemble the first time, half that time the second. The Ender 3 comes with lots of pre-assembled parts and it very solid. Easy to put together, probably even for a first timer, though the video is very helpful.

The quality has been great. The features on the printer are great. Looking forward to doing more with this new printer. I'm especially excited by the number of hobbyist 3d mini and terrain printers that use the Ender 3 and share their profiles (printer settings) on…
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Stakes - A Short RPG

Stakes Save the world or survive the night A game for 2 or more players, 1 acting as Guide. The other players are Survivors, describing how they work to survive.
The Guide describes the Results of their choices.
The formatting on this as a webpage is terrible, so if you prefer to read on Google Docs, you can do so here: Playing a SurvivorWhen you play a Survivor, you are stuck in the woods far from civilization. You have a simple goal: survive. There are eldritch
horrors at your heels and not enough time to finish all that must be done. To win the game, you need to Get Out. What you haveYou have 2 hands so you roll 2 dice (normal six-sided dice). Roll them at the same time. If you get a odd number, you get a mysterious occult item. If you get an even number, you get a practical powerful item. If your dice match, you get to have one more item than usual. Roll again with 3 dice. If all 3 dice match, yo…

Level 0 Characters for 5e

Level 0 characters are a topic I didn't know I wanted to write about until @DnDEdition tagged me in a post describing a homebrew approach to Level 0 characters.
While I like the creativity they put into their Level 0 character generation process, here are my thoughts on using Level 0 characters.
Level 0 character generation Follow the steps described in the Basic Rules/Player's Handbook as follows:
Choose a Raceskip Choose a Class. Your base Hit Points are 6.Determine Ability ScoresDescribe Your CharacterPlay the game. Race Your choice of race will influence your Ability Scores and Skills. At Level 0, this can be especially important. A magical Cantrip is a potent spell and a Skill Proficiency is something most characters will not have.

If you use Variant Human rules including Feats, you should grant the Feat at this stage. It may not have the same effect for a Level 0 character as for a standard Level 1, but that seems appropriate.
Skip Choose a Class The major difference be…

3d Printer Dungeon Tiles

After having a 3d printer for a while and getting deep into printing 3d dungeon tiles, I've finally gotten around to printing a pretty good number of them.

These are Fat Dragon Games brand Dragonlock 3d tiles. They are available on DriveThruRPG and they have a free set you can try.

For a general cost breakdown, the printer I use cost $175 with shipping and required assembly.
Printer filament is about $20 per 1kg spool.
The models are typically $9.99 per file set.…

Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2018

Last year I did NaNoWriMo. I really wanted to challenge myself to finish a story. I did it; I managed 50K words in a story called 'Dungeon School' where students learned how to handle themselves as real adventurers for their future careers, in the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons.

I liked a lot of things about the story but it was still very formulaic. It reminded me of Harry Potter with a little bit of high school love interest anime as well.

I plan to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Currently I'm kicking around an idea about a magic portal bringing D&D style fantasy people into the modern day. Deal with identity and escape, probably have some fun conflict between how the world works and how we resolve problems in fantasy games. We'll see if I stick with it. I'm even considering putting it here, on the blog.

Pathfinder Playtest Thoughts

The Pathfinder Playtest is going on now.
I am really enjoying everything about it! Unexpectedly so, as well.

I played D&D 3 and 3.5 in their time. When I first heard about Pathfinder several years later, it seemed like a great way to preserve what I knew of D&D at a time when 4th Edition seemed like something different than I wanted.I ended up with a couple of Pathfinder books, then later a digital bundle of supplements.

I don't think I ever used them once. By the time I got over my gaming hiatus, D&D 5th Edition was out and I liked it a lot. There was the influence of Critical Role and lots of local opportunities to run and play games, so I dived into D&D5e.

I recently got a copy of Starfinder. I love the art but I ran the game for about 3 hours total and have no desire to go back. Starfinder has some interesting ideas but ends up very complicated; as a GM, it's more effort than I want to put in when prepping and running a se…

Monster Pets - A small RPG

Monster Pets A small RPG for quick interactions Everyone has a Monster Pet. These small creatures need the companionship and care of a human to reach their fullest potential. The best Monster Pets get lots of socialization so that they grow up caring and courageous. As a Monster Raiser, you get to help your Monster Pets to achieve their very best!
Making a Monster Pet Your Monster Pet has 4 statistics: Bravery, Calm, Energy and Obedience.

When you make a new Monster Pet, choose 1 statistic to be a 4, 1 to be a 3, 2 to be 2s; your statistics could look like this: Bravery 4, Calm 3, Energy 2, Obedience 2.

Think about making a sketch of your Monster Pet. This is one of the most fun things about Monster Pets- describing them to your friends when they interact!
Raising a Monster Pet Having lots of interactions with your Monster Pet is the best way to have it grow up and build its statistics. Every time you have an interaction, there's a chance your Monster Pet will grow and improve.