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Cypher Mon - Monster Battling Cypher Hack Premise

I'm taking the long way around to another Cypher System hack. There is a lot to love about the Cypher System; in this case I want to emphasize the ease of creating NPCs and other entities by level.

The Cypher System uses levels to abstract everything outside of player characters. They're generally rated 1-10 with 10 being the best. When you compare 2 things and they have different levels, the one with the higher level wins.

You can make quick decisions based on that system or do things in a more granular fashion using these same rules.

So here are some things I want to lay out in Cypher System for a monster battling setting.

1. Easy monster creation and ways to classify weakness/strength based on type. This would be something like:

Splash (Level 3 Water Mon)
Water Type is Strong against Earth types and Weak against Wood types.

2. Character Types based upon Monster Battling. Revising the default types of Cypher (Warrior, Adept, Explorer, Speaker) to be based around Monsters.

Warriors --> Monster Battlers
Adepts --> Monster Scientists
Explorers --> Monster Tamers
Speakers --> Monster Breeders

Their abilities will be re-worked to focus on when they are most powerful and effective.

3. Rules/systems for monster raising, monster improvement and turn-based monster battling.

Keep an eye here for more details as things evolve!


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