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Big Bad Con - about me

As a longer version of my Twitter (@HansCTweets) #BigBadCon2019 intro:

Hi, I’m Hans! I use he/him pronouns. 
I like to make, hack, run and play games. I do want to talk to you about games.
OK with photos and physical contact but please ask!
Very easily distracted and hyperfocused.
I drink coffee constantly but no alcohol.

I’m here to meet people, play games, be excited and pick up cool stuff! 
Won’t get to the Con until 6 on Thursday, maybe as late as 8 Friday, but all day Sat and Sun!
I will be volunteering as a Ranger greeting on Saturday 2-5pm and hosting Games on Demand Sunday 8am-12noon.
Big Bad Con is going to be my first con in a while. I'm looking for new opportunities and to connect with new friends. I've done a lot of streaming and online games lately and would really love to expand upon that.

I've also started many RPG projects and would love to get more incentive to see them finished. There are a bunch of examples here on the blog and even more lying around in my Google Docs!

Tabletop RPGs were the first place I found friends, community and a voice as a young person. As I've grown they've always proved my best way to meet and appreciate new people. This weekend is all about that for me. I'm trying to leave space to learn, play, connect and shop, but I have a few games scheduled to play as well as several panels and events.

If you see me, please say hi!


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